by George Heymann

Faster=Better, Google Voice=Better, Make outgoing calls faster with “direct access numbers”!

Google launched an enhancement to the Android and Blackberry Google Voice App yesterday that speeds up the call connections using “Direct Access Numbers”. Prior to this update the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server everytime a call was placed to send the number you wanted to dial.

Now with “direct access numbers”, Google assigns a unique phone number to every person you call bypassing the data network to access the server so calls will be placed much faster.

The service is noticeably faster making a great service even better! You can download the updated Android app from the Android Market now, for Blackberry users you can download the app by visiting from your mobile device browser. For more great mobile apps, see our “Must have mobile apps” list here. (Google Voice Review Below)

Original posted 06/28/10

After more than a year as an “invitation only” beta, Google Voice is now available to anyone with a U.S. phone number.
My advice? Don’t walk, run and sign up for your free Google Voice account at

Google Voice, what is it? Google voice is a multifaceted telecommunications service that provides a host of services that are not normally available with your home or mobile telephone service.

Google Voice allows you to set up groups and define rules with different call behaviors depending on the caller and time of call. If you have multiple phones, you can choose to have Google Voice ring one or all of your numbers, including the  landline — again determined by the criteria you specify.
Another nice feature is the ability to access your Google Voice account through a straightforward web interface. You can view your call history, voicemails, texts as well as review your placed, received and missed calls.

Google Voice allows you to integrate with your phone’s native address book or with Google contacts. It allows you to send and receive free text messages as well as place low-priced international calls directly from your phone. You can check out the Google Voice international calling rates here:
The Google Voice visual voicemail capability is unmatched in the mobile space. You can choose to preview your voicemails as sms text messages or read them as email.

The voicemail transcriptions aren’t always perfect. In fact, some have been almost comical. The majority of the time, it gives you a general idea of what the message is about; an integrated widget lets you listen to the actual message if it’s unclear or requires immediate attention.

Here is a typical example of a transcription. What Google Voice thought the caller said:

“Hey George, it’s free. Thank you. >Business name Deleted< whenever you get a chance, maybe about 1 o’clock, or so today. I’ve got 3 >product name removed<  that are not showing up and I need to get shop for tonight, so if you could stop by and say hi to >Name Deleted< for me. That would be good. Thank you. Bye bye.”

The bold text were not correctly transcribed instead of it’s free. Thank you it was actually the name of the caller, instead of shop it was shot.
Overall not too bad — an excellent way to quickly sort through messages. Best of all, the messages don’t need to be handled sequentially. You can process or skip messages altogether totally at your own direction.
To see if there is a version available for your platform of choice, check your phones app store. Google Voice has been tested with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm WebOS, and the Nokia S60.

Even if there is not a dedicated Google Voice app  for your phone, or your phone is not on the tested list, you can still use Google Voice as long as you have a web kit compliant mobile browser by directing your mobile browser to Google Voice was selected as one of the apps on my “Must have mobile apps list.”

Do yourself a favor and check out this excellent free service. You owe it to yourself to try it out, I highly recommend it!

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5 Responses

  1. […] Google Voice – Multifaceted telecommunications service from Google that allows you to route your inbound calls to one or many phones simultaneously depending on the rules you set for your calls. You can also set different call behaviors depending on who the caller is and what time they call. Another nice feature is that you can choose to preview your voicemails as sms text messages. Currently only available as invitation only beta, will soon be available publicly.Now available to anyone with a U.S. Phone number at For more information see our post here. […]

  2. Roger S says:

    BS article…google is sleeping with phone carriers when it will randomly change my outbound calls and have it deduct my minutes from cellphone plan. I dont need this layer from GV and Google. What a ridiculous and insane idea. Can’t believe you are supporting this? Bad article.

    • gheymann says:

      I stand by my article, I love Google Voice it’s a great service and use it daily. With the expanded voice controls just released it’s made a great service even better. As far as the recent Google/Verizon announcement my article was written well in advance of that (check the dates). I was surprised and disappointed in Google’s position. I firmly support Net Neutrality.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. […] The service has steadily improved with each iteration. I’ve done several articles on the service and its improvements over the past four months, Google Voice was featured as one of our Top 10 mobil apps here, and a follow up on addititions of Google Voice here. […]

  4. […] The service has steadily improved with each iteration. I’ve done several articles on the service and its improvements over the past four months. Recently I highlighted the Gmail integration with Google Voice. It was featured as one of our Top 10 mobile apps here, and a follow-up on subsequent releases of Google Voice here. […]

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