by George Heymann

Out-O Pilot iPhone application for the techie fan-on-the-run!

Wanted to share my experience with the Out-O Pilot iPhone app for Out-o the Lerical, a rap artist on the Black Butterfly record label.  It appears to have been created using MobBase, which offers bands an inexpensive way to design and create iPhone applications.  This application helps connect musicians with listeners, with minimal setup and distribution costs.  Prior to my exposure to the Out-O Pilot app, I wasn’t aware of this type of application creation software. I think that it’s so smart for bands of all magnitude to make their content available to as many users as possible.

App-creation programs like MobBase and Mobile Roadie — iPhone and Android app creator —  provide an excellent, budget friendly opportunity to reach fans and attract new listeners using non-traditional distribution.
With regards to the Out-O Pilot app, it loads quickly and the main menu opens to a color graphical menu with five relatively large finger friendly buttons running top to bottom along the left side of the home screen and five tabs along the bottom (it’s the middle screen on the top row).

My favorite feature is the “video section,” which offers a generous selection of 19 official videos as well as fan videos and a photo section. The inclusion of the twitter stream, biography and blog access from within the application are welcome touches.  The “music section” lets you preview songs and optionally purchase your favorite albums or tracks. The handoff between the application and the iTunes store is seamless and nicely integrated.
To the negatives: The “photo section” of the application was a mixed blessing. Although there was some nice photography included, it was unfortunately a missed opportunity, as the selection was extremely limited.
This oversight was somewhat puzzling since some of the videos I viewed  had photography embedded; so  apparently the content was available but not included.  The “shows” section also was a bit of a disappointment. There were no shows scheduled at the time of the review. This would be the perfect opportunity to list information on previous shows and thank the fans instead of staring at the stark “No Shows Scheduled.”

My final complaint is that some of the screens have black text on dark backgrounds, making them almost unreadable see the “sites” screen (bottom right). In conclusion I would recommend you go to the rapper’s Youtube fan page. If you like what you hear, then buy the application.

There is a lot of content in the application for 99 cents. For less than the cost of a burger you have an excellent way to stay in touch with Out-O the Lerical on the go.  Do a search on the iTunes store and Android market for some of your favorite bands you may be surprised at the number of “Band” apps that are available many as free downloads.


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