by George Heymann

“” beta preview for Iphone and Android.

I received my beta invite today for a web application that theoretically allows you to “Check In” with Foursquare, GoWalla and Brightkite from one application and interface. In theory location based social networking may have become a little easier. In actual use well ….. a definite maybe. I say maybe because in Southern Colorado apparently there are quite a few discrepancies in the check-in databases. Of the initial 5 places I attempted to check in, the best I could do was 2 of 3 services. In larger metropolitan areas this may be less of an issue.

When you first use the beta you are required to register an account with your beta invite key. You can request your own key at . Once you do that you are taken to an account screen where you enter your account information for the three services. After you register your accounts it request your location information. After you authorize the application it uses your gps to locate where you are and possible check in locations in your surrounding area. The first time I used the app it took 2-3 minutes before I saw the check in locations near me. Subsequent accesses where much quicker around 20-25 seconds to get to 1st screen. The interface and the amount of time to access the check in screen were pretty consistent for both the Iphone and Android, both phones had access to my home wifi network.

Although it was nice to check in with multiple services from a single application you may have problems finding your check in location in all 3 services. Secondly I would love to be able to look at a map to see where people are checking in around me. Keep in mind this is a beta and the features and services may change in the final version.


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