by George Heymann

“Snipping Tool” free and surprisingly versatile screen capture utility.

Wanted to share an accidental discovery I came across last night while looking for a quick way to do some quick screen captures on my home pc to post with a little preview story I was working on.

On my office mac this is quite simple Apple shift 3 for a full screen grab or Apple shift 4 for the rectangular marquee tool for the partial screen grabs.

On the pc this has always been a more laborious process, usually either resorting to using a paid

screen capture program like Snag-It ($49.95) or using the Alt-Print Screen key combination which copies the screen capture to the windows clipboard then you must manually paste the image into an image editing program to clip and process further.

Well turns out there is a free and surprisingly versatile utility included with Windows 7 called the “Snipping Tool”. Not only can it do one step full-screen snip(s) but it also gives you several other options including screen grab of any open window of your choice, rectangular snip, even a free-form snip that lets you grab irregular shapes or sections of windows when the rectangular tool is not practical.

I’ve been told that the Snipping Tool was also included with some versions of Vista but I can not confirm this as I no longer have a vista machine to work on. Feel free to post follow up comments with confirmation. Or any other useful utilities that you’ve discovered that you would like to share with other users.


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